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Requirements for joining the club and obtaining your weapon's license


New Shooters / Unlicensed

If you are currently unlicensed and wish to try shooting, please contact us to arrange a time for you to come out and give it a go

In order to join the club you need to either have an existing Weapons licence or a statement of eligibility to join a pistol club

You need 2 written references from people that know you and state you are of good character

You need 2 names of existing members that can nominate you to become a member. 

Then click on the forms & links tab and complete the membership application form paying the prescribed fee.

In order to apply for your Firearms License, you must be a member of the club for at least 6 months, and shoot calendar matches at least three times at the club during the 6 months prior to applying for your licence.


You then need to complete a firearms safety course for the category of weapon you are applying for.


You then need to click on the Forms section on the website and complete an application for a QP518 attaching a scanned copy of your shoot participation card, then await for the club executive to return a signed copy of the qp518.

You can then apply for your weapons licence either online on the Qld Weapons Licencing homepage or at the post office.

Information sheet for new shooters: Click Here

Existing Licensed Shooters

If you are an existing firearms license holder and wish to join the club, please contact us to arrange a time to come and meet us. New applications will be taken from prospective members who have shot with us at three times. You must present as a safe and capable shooter in order to successfully join the club

Club Membership

Adult Members: $160

Senior Members: $90 

Associate Member: $60

Junior Member: $30

One off joining fee of $25 applies to new applications

Fees are due in July of each year. Pro rata fees apply for members that apply during the year. Please see application form for full details. Application form available under "Forms & Links"

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